Connecting to Jesus happens in an instant when a decision is made to recognize Him for who He is, repent of sin, and follow Him.  Whether you decided to follow Jesus today or a long time ago, growing in Christ was never meant to happen in isolation. Taking the next steps to grow as a follower of Jesus is crucial, but that happens best and most authentically in the context of community.  That is where Life Groups come in.   

Our Life Groups have finished up for the Fall!  We will begin new studies in January.
What is a Home Life Group?
A life group is a part of the larger Discipleship Strategy at First Baptist Windsor. It is a group of 6-14 people (couples or individuals) of different ages/phases of life that meet together in homes around our community weekly, for 5 purposes – Fellowship, Study of the Word, Prayer, Helping one another, and Serving together in the community.
How long do they last and what is the duration of commitment?
Each Life Group meets for a different amount of time on the day that they meet. The duration of commitment is one night a week for 4-12 weeks (1 semester). Our prayer is that you will love the people you are doing life with and desire to stay in that group throughout the year.
What will we study?
Group leaders choose their own studies. Typically these studies will be through Right Now Media.
Can I bring my children to the Home Life Group?
Each group is different. Most welcome kids and have a plan for children coming. Others are adult only. As you talk to group leaders, ask about this.
How do I become a Life Group Leader?
A Life Group Leader must be a member of First Baptist Windsor who is actively following and seeking Jesus. If you are interested in leading a Life Group, please contact our Pastor.